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Shenzhen Hello3D Technology Co., Ltd. is a 3D printing material manufacturer, with a factory area of 5,000 square meters and an annual output of 1000 tons.

Located in Shenzhen China, We aim to provide the best 3D printing materials to all global customers. Currently walready have rich experiences in serving customers all over the world.


We are honored to take the lead in the development of several new materials, which are the first in the domestic 3D printing material industry, those have become the Hot-sellers of Amazon e-shop:


In June 2014, The first launch in China - Bronze filled;

In July 2014, The first launch in China - HPLA;

In December 2014, The first launch in China - Real Gold Like;

In August 2015, The first launch in China - Silk Like;

In June 2017, The first launch in China - Conductive;

In October 2020, The first launch in China - Silk Rainbow Kingfisher;

In December 2020, The first launch in China  - Luminous Rainbow;

In Feburary 2021, The first launch in China -Wood colors Redwood & Ebony


Over these years, endorsement with quality products and reliable before & after sales services, it is our core to win customers follow up and trusting !


About Raw Materials :

Perfection of our 3D print filaments depends on 100% fresh import raw materials and strict production process control.


About Packaging :

From plastic spools to vacuum bags, from filaments colors to boxes and cartons, we provide OEM customized services for all possible needs.


About Delivery :

On time delivery, even offer tailored shipping optionsjust in order to save a penny or a minute is our pleasure.


About After-sales Service :

Provide after-sales technical support and quality guarantee. If theres quality problem, No excuse. No delay. Replacement or reimbursement will be applied on time.We take the duty from the starting to the end.


Hello3D willing to share the risk and growth with you!